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    Sunrise on South Beach

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    The Stretch Zone® Method enhances athletic performance. Professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, & ATP have used The Stretch Zone® Method to reach their athletic best. Most recently the St. Louis Rams have Incorporated The Stretch Zone® Method for their players... Read More...

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    Stretchzone® is looking for bodywork professionals to work in one of our corporate locations, licensed territories or in corporate wellness. Apply now!

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    Stretchzone® welcomes the PGA Resort in Palm Beach Gardens to the Stretchzone® Family. Contact us today to get stretched!

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    Stretchzone® welcomes Ultimate Software; Gold Award Winner and ranked top 20 places to work by Fortune Magazine.

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Stretch Back the Years®

The new Stretch Zone® Studio is now open and accepting customers for private one-on-one Stretching sessions. Perfect for everyone from age 18 to 100.

  1. Reduce Stress
  2. Feel Lighter and younger
  3. Increase Muscle Relaxation
  4. Relieve Stiffness and Soreness
  5. Increase & Maintain Range of Motion
  6. Enhance Physical & Athletic Skills
  7. Correct Compensational shifts & Muscle Imbalances

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Stretch Zone® Method

The effectiveness of SZM® relies upon the fact that the limiting factor to achieving full range of motion is not the length or elasticity of muscles but the nervous control of their tension via the stretch reflex. With precise stabilization, control, and comfort, the Stretch Zone® practitioner systematically positions, stabilizes, isolates and carefully assists each rhythmical stretch. This proprietary method all takes place on the innovative Stretch Zone® Tables that have been carefully designed and adorned with adjustable belts, pads, and straps allowing for the speedy extension of muscles further than the central nervous system would normally permit. As the practitioner continues in this systematic progression, s/he gently guides each tri-planer movement a few degrees past the active range of motion, then helps guide the movement back to zero tension before the muscle reacts to being stretched by going into its protective contraction.

The result is an invigorating, rejuvenating effect upon the body, priming it for its peak athletic functionality.

The Stretch Zone™ simplified... The Stretch Zone™ Method® (SZM®) synthesizes controlled stretching techniques to work with the autonomic nervous system. It quickly and efficiently improves muscle symmetry, enhances physical performance and mitigates rheumatic pain.

Get your Stretch On.

Set up your own Stretch Zone®!

Although stretching is a great tool to augment personal training, massage, rehab or other physical activity, the Stretch Zone® Method has elevated it to the level of a true, stand-alone modality. And we are not alone. Stretch Zone® is at the forefront of a growing movement that is seeing stretching come into its own. This movement, a revolution in flexibility and physiological balance, promises to become the next big thing in fitness.

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  • Stretch Zone® Workshop

    The Stretch Zone® Workshop is a practitioner certification course of complete stand-alone, state-of-the-art performance enhancement modalities. It was created for select massage therapists, athletic trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers and other body work practitioners. The workshop provides in-house or on-site training and support for those using Stretch Zone® methods, skills and procedures, so that they may proficiently offer the service to their clients. The practitioners each receive extensive training on-site at the Stretch Zone® Institute or off-site, with supporting documentation, manual, protocols and continuing education credits.
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    Upcoming Workshops >> April 6 :: April 6 :: April 6 :: April 6 :: April 20 :: April 20 :: May 1 :: May 1 :: May 1 :: May 1 :: May 15 :: May 15 :: May 15 :: June 1 :: June 1 :: June 1 :: June 1 :: June 15 :: June 15 ::
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  • A Bit of History...

    Stretch Zone®, Inc. was founded in Miami in 2004 by Jorden Gold, one of the world’s foremost experts in practitioner-assisted stretching. By focusing and expanding upon the amazing therapeutic benefits of stretching, Stretch Zone® has revolutionized the fitness industry and completely reinvented the concept of “the stretch.” About Us

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  • About the Founder

    Known as “Stretch” to his peers and clients, Jorden Gold has created more than just Stretch Zone®, he’s founded a revolutionary movement in health and fitness.

    A graduate of Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, Gold received his degree in biology and exercise physiology studies before becoming a licensed personal trainer.

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