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    Sunrise on South Beach

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    The Stretch Zone® Method enhances athletic performance. Professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, & ATP have used The Stretch Zone® Method to reach their athletic best. Most recently the St. Louis Rams have Incorporated The Stretch Zone® Method for their players... Read More...

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    Stretchzone® welcomes the PGA Resort in Palm Beach Gardens to the Stretchzone® Family. Contact us today to get stretched!

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    Stretchzone® welcomes Ultimate Software; Gold Award Winner and ranked top 20 places to work by Fortune Magazine.

About Us

The Business of Stretching

Stretch Zone®, Inc. is the world’s leading source and educator for today’s advanced practitioner-assisted stretching. Built to provide performance enhancement modalities for health practitioners, massage therapists, trainers and athletes alike, Stretch Zone® Method is a proven course of innovative stretching techniques. By literally “stretching back the years,” the Stretch Zone® Method delivers a significant incredible impact on the overall health, injury prevention and recovery of athletes and patients alike. It also offers health and fitness businesses a means of benefiting from this new and exciting fitness revolution, adding revenue streams and unique service offerings that will entice and enthrall clientele. For more information or to register for a Stretch Zone® Workshop, visit www.stretchzone.com.

  • About the Founder

    Known as “Stretch” to his peers and clients, Jorden Gold has created more than just Stretch Zone®, he’s founded a revolutionary movement in health and fitness.

    A graduate of Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, Gold received his degree in biology and exercise physiology studies before becoming a licensed personal trainer. A longtime advocate of maximum flexibility, his tips from stretching became financially competitive with his personal training business. Shortly after embracing his biggest point of difference in the industry, his grandfather lost mobility due to diabetes. Gold was determined to help him regain the ability to walk. In order to create a more positive circulation flow, Gold stretched his grandfather on a massage table every day, eventually seeing him evolve from using a walker to dancing independently at a family affair.

    Having witnessed the astounding impact that stretching had on his grandfather, Gold began applying his 20 years of personal training experience to further study the science of stretching in hopes of being able to improve the lives of others. After investigating the body’s reaction to static stretches, Gold discovered that working with the central nervous system to implement dynamic stretching, allows trainers to isolate muscles to produce better physical results, improved flexibility and improved energy flow.

    "We developed Stretch Zone®’s Conversion Kit and Stretch Cells of systematic stretches, so that people are not fighting the resistance of their own body,” explains Gold. “The premise of the system is to achieve a full range of motion. The limiting factor to achieving full range of motion is not the length or elasticity of muscles, but the nervous control of their tension. By working with the body’s stretch reflex and some lesser known but extremely powerful principles of neuromuscular behavior, we are able to position, stabilize and isolate muscles to be stretched in a scientific way."

    His secret weapons became his innovative Stretch Zone® Table and eventually the patent-pending Stretch Zone® Conversion Kit, which were designed to allow for the speedy yet controlled extension of the muscles. Today, as an international expert on stretching, a licensed provider of education for the National Certification Board for

    Therapeutic Massage & Body Work, instructor at Educating Hands School of Massage in Miami, and operator of one of the most respected stretch therapy companies in the industry, Jorden Gold has the ability to offer temporary relief and “stretch back the years” of those challenged by Arthritis, sports-related muscle injuries and most remarkably – Parkinsons. 

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