Stretch Zone™ Conversion Kit Patent Pending

Blue Stretching Tables

As a way to better these methods, the Stretch Zone™ Table was invented, followed-by the patent-pending Stretch Zone™ Conversion Kit. Designed by Jorden Gold, the kit was built to conveniently convert any standard massage table (stationary or portable) into a practitioner-assisted stretching table. The kit slips snuggly onto the under frame of a massage table with no need of extra hardware. It can be safely and easily added to or removed from any standard massage table in under one minute. The adjustable belts, pads and straps allow for the speedy extension of muscles further than the central nervous system would normally permit.

Stretch Zone™ Table Patent Pending

STRETCH ZONE’s new stretching tables are TOP OF THE LINE and STATE OF THE ART. Handmade in the USA, they are finely constructed with precision craftsmanship. We use only the highest quality raw materials available anywhere. Our tables contain no wood. We use heat-treated aircraft aluminum and starboard. Starboard is marine-grade polymer plastic plywood which is typically used for boat, dock and water related applications. The new tables are stronger and longer and include inter-changeable arm and leg rests. They have an optional incline to replace the need for a wedge.

STRETCH ZONE’s tables are PORTABLE and STATIONARY. They are as strong as any stationary table and yet they can easily be folded for travel or storage. Construction now includes a custom-made hinge and a solid steel cross bar. The bar slides through and across to lock together both halves of the table. When locked, your STRETCH ZONE table is virtually a stationary table. (Tables are available upon completion of the Stretch Zone™ Method Practitioner course.)

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