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The Stretch Zone™ Method is the perfect addition to any fitness facility that takes pride in providing its members complete, holistic fitness services focusing on strength, core and flexibility training. This is especially true for facilities that service baby-boomers, and want to help them increase their activity and “Stretch Back The Years.”

The Stretch Zone™ Method® and Licensing Program fits seamlessly into any fitness facility and can be taught to any “Body Work Professional.” The Stretch Zone™ Conversion Kit requires no additional space as it fits most Massage Tables and can be placed in almost any area of the facility. The Stretch Zone™ Method® is designed for customers as a stand along product with compensation derived from cash.

Want to incorporate The Stretch Zone™ Method® in your fitness practice?

Contact us to attend an Introduction to The Stretch Zone™ Method® at The Stretch Zone™ Institute or to schedule a Stretch Zone™ Member Appreciation Day appointment at your fitness facility. (786) 302-8039 |