Get your Stretch On.

Set up your own Stretch Zone™!

Although stretching is a great tool to augment personal training, massage, rehab or other physical activity, the Stretch Zone™ Method™ has elevated it to the level of a true, stand-alone modality. And we are not alone. Stretch Zone™ is at the forefront of a growing movement that is seeing stretching come into its own. This movement, a revolution in flexibility and physiological balance, promises to become the next big thing in fitness.

And it should be. With solid, measurable benefits that synergize with just about every form of body work, stretching is the perfect addition to any fitness-based regimen. It offers amazingly rejuvenative flexibility to older adults, and that flexibility can greatly enhance both the performance and workout of everyone from seniors to adults. Certain Flex Zone Certified providers can even administer to teenagers and children.

Our mission at Stretch Zone™ is to introduce the world to the wonderful benefits of practitioner-assisted stretching. We do this by distributing training and equipment to providers to establish Stretch Zone™s wherever they may apply. This includes:

  • Hotels
  • Spas
  • Health club
  • Gyms
  • High School, College and Professional Sports programs
  • Airport clubs
  • Corporate Facilities
  • Life Care and retirement Communities
  • Chiropractic offices
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Sports Medicine providers
  • Any place massage is provided
  • CrossFit and other training facilities
  • Dance Studios
  • Martial Arts studios
  • And more

Stretch Zone™s are easy to set up, and training for “body work” professionals can count as CE credits, depending upon the discipline. And because Stretch Zone™s have appreciable benefits for such a broad range of clients, they inevitably become a valuable addition to a practitioners service offerings. Stretch Zone™s are ideal for:

  • Massage therapists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Chiropractors
  • Orthopedics
  • Rehabilitation Specialists
  • Yoga and Pilates instructors
  • And a few other body work professionals

Contact Stretch Zone™ today to learn more about how to set up a Stretch Zone™ in your facility.