There Jay Gutierrez was, last summer, working on others as a personal trainer at various gyms, working on himself by practicing the martial art of ju-jitsu. Then one day he meets someone who’s raving about this thing called StretchZone. Next thing you know, he gets stretched, and bam! He feels a hundred times better than he ever did after ju-jitsu, and even more importantly, realizes that this new kind of stretching helps people improve their health and well-being ridiculously quicker than by working out in a gym.

“As soon as I got off that table the first time, I felt lighter, very energetic, had more range of motion in my legs, and no tension in my body”, Jay says. “When I saw how quick and far-reaching the effects were, I realized this new mode of stretching was going to be big — so I got trained and certified as a StretchZone trainer.”

Fast-forward six months, and Jay has become the first non-principal to become a StretchZone Manager, at our original location in Aventura. “StretchZone is really taking off — for me, coming on board was one of those ‘opportunities of a lifetime’ that you always here about — both financially and for the gratification of seeing people gain so much from it.”

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