The Stretch Zone™ has enjoyed helping many pro athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, & ATP to achieve their peak athletic performance. Among the many sports celebrities who have “entered the Stretch Zone™” are a U.S. Open Champion, a NFL’s Most Valuable Player, and an IBF Lightweight World Champion.


Enhance Athletic Performance

sterling-sharpeStretching is far more than merely a warm up or cool down for physical exercise. By reaching optimal functional flexibility, athletes can discover and further enhance their physical abilities. A flexible system is an open system, awakening inherent and instinctual movements requiring less thought and greater reaction time. The athlete becomes a more fully integrated and highly responsive system through flexibility, often developing a greater sensory awareness of their surroundings.

The Stretch Zone™ Method® (SZM®) can assist the athlete and coach with all three phases of conditioning: The General Training Phase, the Preparatory/Competitive Phase and the Recovery Phase. The Stretch Zone™ Method’s practitioner-assisted stretching has the ability to accelerate recovery from workouts or competition, increase work capacity and enhance physical performance. Athletes will develop greater body awareness, greater fluid movement patterns, and will be able to generate more power through a symmetrical use of muscle groups that are not affected by habitual compensatory muscle shift.

With a balanced system, the athlete will reach their true maximum potential.

Armed with a systematic approach to training, the SZM® is best able to help an athlete be fully prepared for competition, as well to recover both mentally and physically afterwards. Athletes who are introduced to the SZM® learn to better sense their body condition, resulting in a greater understanding of the state of their muscles and helping to prevent and limit injuries. This awareness aids in developing a greater sense of control and confidence, ultimately affecting peak performance.

sports1Avoiding Compensational Shifts and Muscle Imbalances.

The growing intensity of training, competition and record-breaking performances have exposed the athletic body to strains and stresses often exceeding its’ inherent adaptive capacity. The athletes’ primary concern is the execution of movement-dynamic equilibrium between structure and function. The repetition of small disturbances compounded over many months and years can create a physical disorder, a chronic injury. Once an athlete has developed a chronic injury, it is highly likely they will also have an extensive muscle imbalance. The symmetrical application of force has been altered. Moreover, the average cost of injury can be staggering to performers and professional organizations alike.

When a professional athlete or performer is injured, depending on the type and location of the injury, millions of dollars in salaries, medical procedures, and after-injury rehabilitation are expended trying to return to pre-injury levels of performance and mobility. After the first injury occurs, studies indicate an increased likelihood of injury to the same area or continual aggravation that often leads to a decrease in performance and ability. In many cases, regular stretching techniques only serve to stretch muscles beyond their current capacity; therefore, injuries can easily occur if a performer moves or pushes muscles beyond their current stretch reflex ability.

The SZM® helps athletes avoid injury through optimizing flexibility and maintaining balance. It can also help restore muscular balance after an injury, allowing athletes to avoid suffering chronic problems in the wake of an injury.